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We thought he sprained or broke his wrist; took him for x-rays and discovered cancer had eaten away his wrist and it had spread throughout his big tough now swollen fluid filled body. we took him home with pain meds but soon had to call the Vet to end his pain. He gave his last ferocious bark to the neighbourhood and wilderness a few hours earlier, defending us till the end our sweet thumpy tump“. How do you know when it is time? how do you make that awful choice? -that’s where I’m going when I die! after he passed the dogs of camp...

Momma Wants to Play Fetch?

8 pups born Jan 15, 2011, well starting the 14th, and ending the 16th., 8 pups! Sophie did great. Such a character. Some pups needed help , some didn’t. Half way through Sophie wanted to relocate outside and I had to convince her to stay in the nice warm clean house and not make me and the newborns move. At a different point she ran outside and came back with a ball. I’m thinking… Oh yes, sofie this is a great time to play fetch! We’ve had no sleep in two days, its 3 am, pouring rain, and your half way through whelping a litter of puppies. Excellent...